Paul Krugman scalds GOP for becoming the 'false flag conspiracy party' because they can't deal with reality
QAnon conspiracy theorists attend a Trump rally (Screen cap).

In a series of tweets on Saturday morning New York Times columnist Paul Krugman raked conservatives over the coals for spiraling into false flag accusations, saying it is just the latest manifestation of the GOP becoming the party on conspiracy kooks.

Pointing to an article in the conservative Weekly Standard calling out "#FalseFlag conservatives," Krugman wrote, "How are conservatives reacting to the MAGAbomber? In two contradictory ways. Many are declaring that the acts of one individual say nothing about their broader movement. Yet many implicitly acknowledge the opposite, by rushing into false-flag theories."

With that, he was off, tying the pushback about a supposed Trump booster who was targeting critics of the president with mail bombs -- which turned out to be true -- to recent GOP complaints about the "deep state."

'In any case, it's really important to understand how predictable the false-flag claims were -- because conspiracy theorizing is central to the modern right," he wrote before adding, "After all, the deep state stuff comes from an ongoing right-wing meme. Also remember, it's more or less standard on the right to assert that thousands of scientists around the world are part of a conspiracy to fake evidence for climate change."

He later tweeted, "And the conspiracy theorizing is itself part of an even broader attitude on the right: this is a movement that never accepts evidence that contradicts its preconceptions."

You can see the tweets below: