Pulitzer-winning reporter explains how Saudis are keeping Trump's failing hotels open
US President Donald Trump shakes hands with Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, in the Saudi capital Riyadh on May 21, 2017 (AFP/File / MANDEL NGAN)

A Pulitzer-winning Washington Post reporter who's covered Donald Trump's relationship with Saudi Arabia for months explained his findings to MSNBC's Chris Hayes in the wake of the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, another Post columnist believed to have been murdered by the Saudis.

"Trump has been dealing with Saudi businessmen since back in the 1990s," reporter David Fahrenthold said.

A few years ago, the reporter noted, the country's government bought a "big complex" of apartments near the United Nations offices in New York.

While Trump's hotels have "struggled to attract American customers, three of his biggest hotels have gotten big bumps in business from Saudi customers," Fahrenthold said.

Saudis visiting Chicago, D.C. and New York have stayed at Trump hotels — and have often spent lavishly at them.

"Just one visit by some Saudis traveling with the crown prince [Mohammed bin Salman] earlier this year provided enough revenue, one visit, to boost the hotel's revenue for that entire quarter," the reporter added.

It remains unclear, Fahrenthold said, just how deep the president's financial entanglements with the Saudis go because the Trump Organization has not released any data about their dealings with the royal family or other foreign governments.

Watch below via MSNBC: