Shep Smith clashes with Chris Wallace over Trump’s violent rhetoric as Fox interview goes off the rails
Chris Wallace and Shep Smith

The host of "Fox News Sunday" Chris Wallace and Fox's News host Shep Smith went off the rails after arguing about President Donald Trump's violent rhetoric on Friday.

Throughout the week, multiple bomb threats have been sent to news organizations and Democrats. Trump has condemned the bomb threats, but in the same breath failed to take responsibility for how his language influences the nation.

Smith said that Trump's divisive language is unhelpful.

"You just can't ignore the politics of this, even if you wanted to," Smith said. "These are people the president has gone after rhetorically. These are people this guy targeted. It goes to the tone and tenor of the political discourse and the words that the president uses in his rallies."

Wallace argued that there was no link between the suspect bomber, who has been identified as Cesar Sayoc, and the president’s behavior.

"I don't think you can draw any particular link or any responsibility on the part of the president for this action," Wallace said.

"From the largest microphones from the highest plateaus, what we're getting is divisive 'television stations suck' and 'lock her up' and all the rest. It seems unhelpful and both sides have said that," Smith said.

Watch the full clip below via Fox News.