Trump adviser Larry Kudlow brags that president has been 'dodging' taxes 'for years'
White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow (Gage Skidmore)

During a conservative dinner, Donald Trump's own economic adviser admitted that the president has dodged taxes "for years."

The Washington Examiner reported that National Economic Council director Larry Kudlow made the comments during a Capitol Hill dinner hosted by American Spectator magazine.

"As a businessman, he knows a lot about taxes,” Kudlow told the audience. “He’s been dodging them for all these years — legally. And he would show us in his offices stacks of papers and what he had to do."

The former CNBC host added that Trump knows the ins and outs of tax regulation because of his business experience.

Kudlow's comments came the week after the New York Times published an exhaustively-researched exposé on the many ways Fred Trump, the president's father, evaded taxes to benefit himself and his children.