Trump fans in denial about his 3% approval among black voters: 'I look at Fox all the time -- it's 35%!'
A Trump supporter discusses his low approval rating among black voters (Screen cap).

The Young Turks' Emma Vigeland this week talked with Trump supporters to ask them why they believe his approval ratings are so consistently low among black voters.

In a video posted on Monday, Vigeland quoted a Washington Post-ABC News poll conducted late last summer showing Trump's approval rating among black voters to be at just three percent -- although, to be fair, that approval rating among black voters went up on the most recent ABC-WP poll and is now at seven percent.

She then asked Trump supporters why they believed his approval among black voters was so low.

"Fake news!" one defiant Trump supporter replied. "There's a lot of people here, I've seen African-American people here!"

"Three percent?" asked another incredulous Trump supporter. "I'm looking at Fox News all the time -- it's, like, 35 percent!"

The supporter went on to say that many black Trump supporters might be afraid to show him their support because of peer pressure to dislike the president. However, he said that there was hope for the future because "people are waking up," and cited Kanye West as an example of a black man who is now proudly supporting the president.

And finally, a different Trump supporter said that black people only support Democrats because there was "a whole generation on welfare that was created by the liberals" had made them "dependent" on Democrats.

Watch the video below.