'I will not tolerate Mexicans acting in a violent way': Kirstjen Nielsen tells Fox News that Border Patrol may shoot at migrant caravan as defense
Former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen speaks to Fox Nes at the US-Mexico border. (Photo: via screengrab)

In a Fox News interview filmed at the US-Mexico border, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen left open the possibility that Border Patrol agents can use force on the caravan of Latin American migrants making their up through Mexico.

"Is there any scenario under which if people force their way across the border, they could be shot at?" Fox News host Martha McCallum asked the DHS secretary.

"We do not have any intention to shoot at people," Nielsen said, "but they will be apprehended."

She then added that she takes the safety of the officers and agents under her watch "extraordinarily seriously."

"They do have the ability of force to defend themselves," the Homeland Security chief said.

McCallum asked Nielsen if agents would "shoot back" if migrants were to shoot at them first.

"I will make it clear that we absolutely will not tolerate violence against Border Patrol in this situation," she said. "I will not tolerate Mexicans or anybody else acting in a violent way towards our men and women on the border."

Watch below, via Fox News: