CNN's Gloria Borger reveals why Rudy Giuliani has re-emerged to attack Mueller
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani -- (Photo: screen capture)

On Thursday, CNN reported that President Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani was upset about Special Counsel Robert Muellers' questions for the president.

In a statement, Giuliani said that Mueller's questions created trouble for his team.

"Some of the questions Giuliani says were unnecessary, some were irrelevant, some are possible traps. Sounds like they're worried that the president could be in some legal jeopardy," CNN Wolf Blitzer said during his Thursday show.

However, CNN commentator Gloria Borger said that Giuliani stepping back into the spotlight only reveals how truly worried he is about Trump.

"I'm sorry Mr. Giuliani doesn't like the questions from the special counsel, that they're not to his liking," Borger said. "It's amazing to me because honestly, they've been working on these questions for weeks. They finally negotiated a way where the president didn't have to testify face-to-face on the issues of collusion, that he actually got a take-home open book test which they are writing answers to."

She added, "The fact that Rudy Giuliani is now complaining about the questions leads me to believe, first of all, that they don't know what everybody else is testifying and they're a little worried about that. And they're worried about their own client and whether their client is actually telling the truth."

Watch the video below via CNN.