So 'pissed off he's inventing stuff about cereal and hats': CNN ridicules Trump's ongoing midterms meltdown
CNN's John Berman and Alisyn Camerota (Photo: Screen capture)

CNN's "New Day" began their morning with outright ridicule of President Donald Trump's anger and frustration that is so extreme in wake of the midterm election

"If the White House were 'Sesame Street,' the letter of the day would be 'P' and the number infinity because the president is 'pissed at damn near everyone,'" CNN's John Berman said. "It's a direct quote from a White House [source] .... The president is inventing stuff about cereal and hats. His listed grievances includes -- I have more," he paused.

"I can see that," co-host Alisyn Camerota chuckled at the stand-up-style opening.

"The grievances include being bossed around by his wife," Berman continued. "Also nagging at the president, that trip to Paris that was something of a pr debacle. We are told the president is furious at chief of staff, John Kelly for that. And two races were given to Democrats last night."

Camerota cut in to get her shots at the president's latest conspiracy theory that it takes I.D. to purchase cereal at the grocery store.

"For some reason, people are carding President Trump when he buys Fruit Loops," she said.

"It's true! Seriously! It's true!" Berman exclaimed. "People card the president when he tries to buy cereal!"

Watch the CNN opener below: