Sean Hannity gives ethics lecture to 'hack' CNN reporter Jim Acosta: 'You do a disservice to real journalists'
Fox News host Sean Hannity/Screenshot

Earlier this week, Fox News host Sean Hannity was censured by his own network for appearing on stage at a campaign rally with President Trump after saying he would not do such a thing just a few hours before.

Reporters at Fox News were reportedly furious about the breach of ethics, which follows incidents where Hannity gave sympathetic interviews to guests without disclosing business ties.

On Thursday, Hannity gave a lecture to CNN reporter Jim Acosta, who was banned from the White House after asking a question President Donald Trump didn't like at a press conference and refusing to hand over the microphone while asking follow-ups.

Acosta was later the victim of a smear campaign by the White House after it circulated doctored video that made it appear like he had struck an intern who tried to take the microphone away as he was talking.

Hannity gave Acosta a lecture on journalism ethics on his Thursday show, deriding the reporter as a "hack" and saying he had "Trump derangement syndrome."

"Without a doubt, Acosta deserves to be banned from the White House," he said. "He's earned it. He's unprofessional, it's outrageous, it's insulting—he wants to argue with the president... even though claiming to be an unbiased journalist he always seemed to make the story about himself. Rarely asking questions, treating his press briefings as debates."

Hannity said Acosta "constantly accused" Trump of lying and being racist, sexist and the like.

"Acosta is a self-serving liberal hack with zero journalistic integrity," Hannity said. "He's supposed to be a journalist? That's a charade. You do a disservice to real journalists in the press corps."

Watch below.