Ivanka Trump treats her senior White House role as an 'extracurricular activity': Washington Post writer
Ivanka Trump (AFP Photo/Odd ANDERSEN)

On Wednesday, Elizabeth Spiers, chief executive of the Insurrection, a progressive digital messaging firm wrote in The Washington Post that Ivanka Trump treats her role as senior White House adviser as an "extracurricular activity."

Spiers said, "She is a cultural emissary for her father, the president, but she also often appears as his formal proxy in her role as a senior White House adviser."

"So it was all the more remarkable that she has spent this week pleading ignorance for her failure to use proper channels for secure email communications. Her father, after all, spent most of 2016 talking about someone else’s emails," she said.

"No wonder email rules don’t seem to apply to her: Actively avoiding transparency might not be the norm for the Oval Office, but it is for commercial real estate and for the Trump family," Spiers said.

She added, "What has she done for Americans that justifies paying for the travel, office, resources, and access that she enjoys solely as a result of occupying a job for which she has no obvious qualifications beyond being the president’s daughter?"

"By this point, it’s clear that she doesn’t view her unpaid White House gig as her primary job. It’s an extracurricular activity on a résumé, gifted to her by her father," Spiers said. "So in her mind, who cares about email protocols? Who cares if she sits in dad’s chair at the G-20? Or if she eludes questions about her boss’s sexual improprieties? We all know she’s not a real government official, right?"

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