Watch a former assistant Attorney General mock Rudy Giuliani’s 'off the rails' plan for Trump to duck a Mueller subpoena
Rudy Giuliani appears on CBS (screen grab)

Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Elliot Williams mocked Donald Trump defense attorney Rudy Guiliani during a Saturday appearance on MSNBC's "AM Joy."

"Rudy Giuliani this week basically said that he doesn't think that Mueller would win a battle to subpoena Donald Trump, which, you would think that the Nixon precedent is that he would win a battle to subpoena Donald Trump," host Joy Reid noted.

"It's hard to take just about anything Rudy Guiliani says here -- no I'm serious," Williams said as Reid laughed.

"This is an individual who had a career as a prosecutor and so on, but has sort of gone of the rails in the last couple of years, so let's start with that framework," he explained.

"There are very strong arguments for why the presidents ought to and should have to submit to a subpoena, but again, I'll be candid that there are reasons that that argument might lose," he continued.

"And if it wound up in the Supreme Court, now Donald Trump has his ringer in there, he's got Brett Kavanaugh," Reid noted.

"He's got a ringer, but a chief justice who is willing to scrap with him, apparently," Williams reminded.