‘Boom!’ MSNBC’s Morning Joe says Trump about to be held accountable for ‘30-40 years of possible fraud’
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said President Donald Trump was finally about to be held accountable for decades of possible crimes.

The "Morning Joe" host digested news that Trump participated in efforts to buy up negative stories about him by National Enquirer publisher David Pecker and to pay off his past mistresses just ahead of the 2016 election -- which amounts to felony crimes.

"Boom!" Scarborough said. "A lot of good information right there from Fox News. First of all, Judge (Andrew) Nepolitano lays it out clearly and perfectly. If you make a clerical error, that's fine. You'll pay a fine, everybody does it. But if there's a conspiracy to hide a campaign contribution, as David Pecker and his attorney and the judge and the prosecution said yesterday there was, that's when it becomes a felony."

Scarborough said the president had legal exposure in so many investigations -- the special counsel probe of his campaign ties to Russia, alleged campaign finance violations and a variety of complaints against the Trump Organization -- that he simply could not possibly beat every allegation against him.

"You look at all of the legal challenges he has facing him," Scarborough said, "and then you look at his legal team or his lack of a legal team, my god -- it would take a strong law firm of 500 lawyers in private practice to do the legal cleanup work and defense work on the 30, 40 years of possible fraud that Donald Trump has committed in his organizations over the past four decades, and he remains legally unarmed."