'Over my dead body': Giuliani loses it on Fox News after Mueller wants sit-down interview of Trump
Rudy Giuliani appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani insisted on Sunday that President Donald Trump would sit down for an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller over his "dead body."

In an interview on Sunday, Fox News host Chris Wallace pointed out to Giuliani that Trump admitted that he knew former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn lied to authorities before the president recently revoked that admission.

"He knows what Flynn said to his vice president," Wallace noted.

"Well, that was a lie," Giuliani agreed. "But that's not a crime!"

"I didn't asked whether not it was a crime," Wallace replied. "I asked whether not it was a lie."

"Chris, you're going all over the place," Giuliani complained. "And you're really confusing people."

Concluding the interview, Wallace reported that Mueller's office was interested in a sit-down interview with the president.

"Yes, there are several unpaid parking tickets back in 1986-87 that haven't been explained," Giuliani replied sarcastically.

"Seriously," Wallace pressed. "Is the special counsel -- does he want to interview the president?"

"Yeah, good luck," Giuliani snapped. "After what they did to Flynn, the way they trapped him into perjury -- and no sentence for him."

"So when you say, good luck, you're saying, no way to an interview?" Wallace asked.

"Over my dead body," Giuliani quipped. "But you know, I could be dead."

Watch the video below from Fox News.