Ex-White House official fears Trump will go ‘off the rails’ in response to Mueller’s findings
Donald Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

White House staffers have no concrete plans for how they will respond if special counsel Robert Mueller issues a damning report on President Donald Trump's actions, mostly because they know the president will throw any plan they concoct into the garbage.

Speaking with The Atlantic's Elaina Plott, a recently departed Trump White House official explained the utter futility in trying to force Trump to adhere to a disciplined communications strategy.

"We would always put together plans with the knowledge that he wouldn’t use them or they’d go off the rails, and at this point, with Mueller, they’ve decided they’re not even going to do that," the official said. "It's like, 'Jesus take the wheel,' but scarier."

Another former White House official tells Plott that planning a response with Trump would be impossible because it "would mean you would have to have an honest conversation about what might be coming," and the president would never allow such a thing to occur.

Although Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani pushed back on the notion that the White House has no concrete plans to respond to any final Mueller report, he did acknowledge that the president could blow it all up with one tweet.

"I don’t think there’s anyone in the world that can stop Donald Trump from tweeting,” he told Plott. “I’ve tried.”

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