GOP's Rick Wilson smacks down Michael Flynn Jr: 'Your dad kept you out of jail -- stop running your trap'
Rick Wilson appears on CNN/Screenshot

GOP strategist Rick Wilson on Friday slapped down Michael Flynn Jr., the son of disgraced former national security adviser Michael Flynn, for attacking the news media's reporting on his father.

Writing on Twitter earlier this week, Flynn Jr. claimed that "history will not be kind to the Fake News Media for their utter lack of integrity and professionalism since 2016."

This was too much for Wilson, who pointed out that Flynn's cooperation with special counsel Robert Mueller's probe was likely the only thing that stopped federal officials from charging Flynn Jr. as part of a reported lobbying scandal that involved laundering foreign cash.

"You're lucky your Dad kept you out of jail," Wilson wrote. "I'd stop running that trap of yours and let the grownups finish."

Flynn Jr. was not deterred by this dressing down, however, and challenged Wilson's knowledge of Mueller's investigation.

"And you know this how?" Flynn Jr. asked him. "Because you’ve personally spoken to the Special Counsel? All you vultures in the media have is speculation."

"The fact that you and your Dad aren't in jail isn't speculation," Wilson shot back. "It's the direct result of your father cooperating. Do keep up."

Wilson subsequently posted a link to a Wall Street Journal report revealing that a grand jury in Virginia is scrutinizing "efforts overseen by Michael Flynn’s private company to discredit a U.S.-based Turkish cleric" whom Flynn was reportedly arranging to kidnap.