Impeachment 'became real' after this week's Trump chaos: CNN's Joe Lockhart
Donald Trump Jr. and Donald Trump (Shutterstock)

CNN's Joe Lockhart said on Friday that he believes President Donald Trump is now in greater danger of being impeached than he ever has been during his presidency.

Discussing the president's last-minute refusal to sign a government funding bill and the shocking resignation of Defense Secretary James Mattis, Lockhart said that congressional Republicans may finally be reaching their wits' ends with Trump's behavior.

"We may look back on this week and say this is when Republicans turned, this was when impeachment became real," he said. "It becomes real if they stop supporting the president, and they go down to the White House and tell the president, 'You've got to go.'"

Lockhart also floated an idea of Democrats approving money for Trump's proposed border wall as long as it came with ironclad protections for special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

"What Democrats and, I think... Republicans want is to make sure that Mueller's allowed to finish," he said. "They don't want to get rid of Trump. If Trump needs to go, for their own purposes, they want Mueller to do it for them. And if they could put those two things together, if Trump signs that bill... we could get out of all this."

Watch the video below.