Kellyanne Conway shut down by CNN's Bash for insisting Democrats are responsible for immigrant child deaths
Dana Bash, Kellyanne Conway -- screenshots

A combative Kellyanne Conway attempted an ardent defense of President Donald Trump's assertion that Democrats are responsible for the deaths of immigrant children only to be shut down with CNN's Dana Bash.

Responding to questions about Trump's Saturday tweet, Bash confronted the senior White House adviser over the president's lack of empathy, only for Conway to attempt to shift the blame to the children's parents and -- once again -- the Democrats.

"Kellyanne, I want to talk about that policy in a minute, but the idea that the president's aides, now you're one of them, have said that they have empathy for the deaths of children, who are coming across the border with their parents," Bash pressed, "But the president hasn't. The only thing he has said is something that is very political and, frankly, misleading with regard to Democrats being culpable for the deaths of children."

As Conway attempted to shift blame and ignore Trump's response, Bash cut her off.

"It's also important to note that the president tweeted not just that Democrats are responsible but that they were ill before they were coming over and his own government," Bash explained before adding "CBP has said in several statements that they tracked them and that that's not the case."

"I don't like some of the Democrats using these deaths as political pawns," Conway shot back.

"Isn't that exactly what the president just did?" Bash insisted.

"No, the president is not doing that!" Conway snapped.

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