Military 'walking on pins and needles': James Clapper says Pentagon generals fear Trump's next tweet
James Clapper (MSNBC)

On Monday, the former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper explained to CNN's Erica Hill that President Donald Trump's decision to remove American troops out of the Middle East is dangerous.

"Perhaps the president doesn't understand how complicated this is, and while a number of Americans support the move to pull troops back, just doing it on a whim could be dangerous," Hill said.

Clapper said that there will be "unintended consequences" for Trump's actions.

"Exactly, I spent 13 years throughout my career in the Pentagon, and the Pentagon is an institution of planning and orderliness. There are all kinds of implications here when you withdrawal, particularly doing it as we appear to be doing it in Syria," Clapper said.

He added, "There are all kinds of unintended consequences that will occur here, and it plays havoc in the Pentagon. The other thing, of course, is they are all on pins and needles thinking what is the next tweet we will get about deploying or withdrawing with not a lot of notice."

Clapper then went on to bash Trump as arrogant for claiming he knows more than generals.

"Appalling arrogance portraying himself as a genius. These things are complicated. He would do well to listen to his adviser. I would point out, by the way, ISIS is not defeated. I don't think he knows more than the generals do," he said.

Watch the full video below via CNN.