'Terminal' Trump won't survive as GOP members flee: MSNBC's Morning Joe panel
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

Reviewing last week's events that saw the stock market collapse, Defense Secretary James Mattis resign, the government shut-down and GOP lawmakers taking open shots at Donald Trump -- 'Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough declared the president's administration "terminal."

Speaking with panelist Eugene Scott of the Washington Post, Scarborough asked, "What do we do, Gene, when it does appear that this administration is terminal? This administration will not survive."

"What does everybody do working together to make sure that this administration that is terminal does not behave in a way that creates, not only a governing crisis, but a pandemic not only across this country but across the world?" he added.

"I agree with you about this," Robinson replied. "We seem to have entered -- you called it terminal -- an unacceptable zone, a kind of end state of this administration where we have total chaos."

"[The U.S.] government is shut down, the markets are in free-fall," the columnist explained. "We have a Treasury secretary who perhaps accidentally further destabilized the markets over the weekend with ill-advised phone calls to the heads of the major banks saying, 'don't worry about anything.' So, of course, everybody worries about everything."

Scarborough went on to point out that Trump won't survive now the Republicans feel free to criticize him in public.

Watch the video below via MSNBC: