CNN reported Monday that President Donald Trump is "humiliated" and "super pissed" that Nick Ayers was going to be his chief of staff but then pulled out at the last minute.

Ayers tweeted that he was turning down the job because he wanted to spend more time with his family and he refused to commit to working in the position for the full two years.

The president is not a fan of the press reporting that he'd decided something when he hadn't announced it. But that's what happened Sunday, when Ayers broke the news on Twitter and the reports quickly followed. Trump tweeted that Ayers was not a done deal yet and any reporters saying so are reporting "fake news."

The problem is that sources told CNN that Trump already gave Ayers an assignment as chief of staff. Ayers never accepted the position, maintaining he couldn't serve the full two years. Trump assumed Ayers was taking the job, but he was mistaken. Now he feels humiliated. Reports Sunday also said he's lost and doesn't know what to do as the other options have turned him down too.

Amusingly enough, a 2012 tweet from Trump mocked President Barack Obama for having three chiefs of staff, saying it's the reason Obama couldn't get his agenda passed. Obama had three chiefs of staff in eight total years and Trump is on track to have at least three in merely two years.

Actor Jon Voight has thrown his name into the mix after playing a Pentagon official on the movie "Transformers."

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