Trump is helping ISIS prepare a terrorist attack on the US with Syria pull-out: Homeland Security GOPer
Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX) -- CNN screenshot

Appearing on CNN's New Day, Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX) unloaded on President Donald Trump for his surprise announcement that the U.S. will withdraw from Syria, with a blunt "terrible" condemnation while warning it could have security repercussion back in the U.S.

Hurd, who served as a case officer in the CIA before being elected to Congress, interrupted CNN host Alisyn Camerota when she mentioned the Syria withdrawal to deliver a scathing indictment against Trump.

"I want to ask you about the president's big decision he announced about Syria --" Camerota began. only to be cut off.

"I know what you are going to ask, and it's terrible," blurted Hurd, who sits on the Homeland Security committee. "Our allies were not notified, our senior leaders in the government military and senior leaders in the community were not notified."

"I look at things to do with national security," he explained. "What do our allies think and what do our enemies think? The fact that Russia and Iran and the president of Syria caused 6.2 million refugees in this country, killed hundreds of thousands including women and children, the fact they were all excited and happy last night and that our allies were upset."

"Why does this matter for us?" he remarked rhetorically. "There's a little thing called ISIS. There's still roughly 300,000 ISIS fighters across Iraq and Syria. There's no doubt they are on the run, my friends in the military and intelligence community have laid the hammer down -- these ISIS fighters are on the run, but they have the ability to regroup. When they do that, what is their target going to be? It's going to be the United States of America."

"We should be making sure that we are making it so the American people don't have to deal with ISIS in the future and that's why we should stay, " he warned.

You can watch the video below via CNN: