WATCH: Marco Rubio ducks Tapper question if it bothers him Trump broke campaign laws to steal nomination from him
Jake Tapper, Marco Rubio -- screenshots

CNN's Jake Tapper put Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) in an awkward position on Sunday morning by asking him if it bothered him that Donald Trump stole away the 2016 GOP presidential nomination while breaking campaign finance laws.

After detailing the filing that showed Trump worked hand-in-hand with his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, to pay off two of Trump's former mistresses to stay quiet as he ran for president, Tapper asked Rubio -- who was also pursuing the nomination -- if it bothered him.

"They say he [Cohen] made the payment, quote, in coordination with and direction of then-candidate Donald Trump,"Tapper read. "You were a candidate for president in 2016, running against Donald Trump. does it bother you that they were breaking campaign laws, allegedly, in order to win the election?"

"It's not about me," Rubio sidestepped. "When that happened I was well outside the race. It's about our country, what the laws are and no one should be above the law. I have said we deserve the truth. No one is beneath the law, no one is entitled by the protections of it but no one is above it."

"If it is proven that the president directed an aide to commit felonies to influence the election, what should the repercussions be?" Tapper pressed.

"We're speculating, right?" Rubio parried. "You have someone facing criminal charges, facing sentencing and looking for leniency saying one thing and it's not atypical people to be very cooperative and sometimes stretch the truth. I'm not saying that's what happened here -- and you have someone who denies it."

"It's not just Michael Cohen saying this. The Southern District of New York U.S. Attorney is asserting this," Tapper reminded the Republican senator. "And that was what was stark about the different language. They weren't just saying 'according to Cohen, such and such,' they were saying this happened."

You can watch the video below via CNN: