WATCH: Republican Rick Wilson unleashes epic takedown of Trump's 'fabulism' in the face of humiliation and defeat
Republican strategist Rick Wilson. Image via screengrab.

CNN's Don Lemon closed his Friday night show with an appearance by anti-Trump Republican political strategist Rick Wilson, who recapped a wild day in which special counsel Robert Mueller revealed court filings that include new details about the ties between Trump's team and Russia.

President Donald Trump started the day in a white-hot rage, but ended by bizarrely declaring himself cleared of all wrongdoing.

"OK, Rick, so there were a lot of tweets but they ended with this one: 'Totally clears the president. Thank you.' I mean, is he talking about Obama? Is he talking about Bush? I don't know. But him?" asked Lemon.

"I'm not sure Individual-1 understands exactly how the law works," Wilson said, referring to the president by the term used in the filings. "Because just wish-casting yourself and saying 'Oh, I'm cleared now, it's all good' is, you know, Donald Trump fabulism writ large. This is a guy who clearly spent the day in a growing state of anxiety and rage. I mean this morning was some classic rage tweeting. And you've got to imagine they were trying to beat the door of the John down trying to get the guy out so he'd stop tweeting this morning."

Lemon then showed a screen of 14 angry tweets from the president all sent Friday.

"This is not a well man, Don. This is a guy who honestly believes that he can change the fabric of reality and make the law go away by tweeting at it," Wilson said. "There's a lot of things today that are going to accrue in the assessment of Donald Trump including the fact for the first time the Department of Justice has said that Donald Trump asked his minion, Mike Cohen, to commit felonies. This is an ugly, bad, no-good day for Donald J. Trump."

Wilson later teed off on Trump over his mistreatment of former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who Wilson said Trump is jealous of.

"Look, Rex Tillerson negotiated deals as the CEO of Exxon that where the rounding error was greater than every penny Donald Trump has ever made in his entire life," he said. "This is a guy who is absolutely a globally recognized business leader as somebody who led a gigantic multinational corporation successfully. This is not some two-bit Manhattan grifter who puts his name on building and goes bankrupt every five years. Trump is always jealous of business success and makes him mad."

Watch below.