White House aides worry Trump’s obsession with the stock market will wreck his fragile ‘psyche’
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Wikipedia)

President Donald Trump has tied his volatile moods to the stock market -- which has plunged into uncertainty.

A former administration official said Trump likes to use a simple metric to brag about his performance, and the stock market has replaced what poll numbers offered to his ego during the 2016 primaries, reported Axios.

"What’s the Dow doing today?” Trump often asks aides, according to sources close to the president.

Trump turned to the booming stock market for self-validation after his public approval poll numbers sagged and never recovered, but the suddenly vulnerable economy could further cloud his apparently worsening mood.

"Sharp stock market plunges affect Trump’s psyche, sources close to Trump say," Axios reported.

The president can still boast about strong GDP and employment numbers, but economic forecasters see trouble on the horizon.