White House rolling out 'crazy town' narrative to push back against coming Democratic onslaught
President Donald Trump speaking at a Rose Garden press conference, screengrab.

President Donald Trump's allies are hoping the growing field of Democratic primary challengers will do more damage to each other than the White House.

Democrats are expected to unfurl a list of investigations into the president, his family and his business after taking control of the House of Representatives in the coming days, and the White House is hoping to stoke outrage fatigue, reported McClatchy.

"How far to crazy town will this group go,” said a former Trump official who remains in close contact with the White House. “It’s going to be a really interesting dynamic. Everyone is going to be trying to constantly outdo one another, and that is going to drive a lot of headlines. It’s just unavoidable.”

Republicans close to the White House understand the president is going to come under attack, but they believe that could ultimately shift in Trump's favor if voters can be convinced congressional Democrats have overreached.

“I think a lot of different things are going to happen," said GOP strategist Scott Jennings. "None of it is going to be all that fun if you’re in the Trump administration, but some of it may inure to Trump’s benefit if the Democrats can’t control themselves.”

Jennings believes an effort to impeach Trump would backfire, and he said the Democratic Party's crowded primary could undermine congressional opposition to the president.

“I see a lot of the same kind of stuff," he said, "and it all wound up that an incumbent president was able to put something together to take advantage of a fractured opposition that just couldn’t find itself in time to pull together a campaign to beat an incumbent president.”

But progressive strategist Jeff Hauser, doesn't think Democratic primary candidates will lose their focus on opposing Trump.

“The Democratic candidates are basically going to eviscerate Trump with each other," Hauser said, "just like in the way that late night hosts compete for the best jokes at Trump’s expense. That will hurt Trump.”