Women for Trump chair flops when CNN’s Chris Cuomo tells her it's really Trump’s voice caught on tape
CNN's Chris Cuomo speaking to Women for Trump founder Amy Kremer (Photo: Screen capture)

Women for Trump founder Amy Kremer flopped bigtime during a discussion with CNN's Chris Cuomo.

After an overwhelming 30-minute interview with senior counselor Kellyanne Conway, Kremer seemed to parrot the same talking points that President Donald Trump never ordered hush payments to silence former lovers.

"Amy, let me ask you something," Cuomo began. "Maybe I'm not making this clear. I'm not making a case against the president of the United States. Robert Ray, you know, Neal Katyal, they're so much smarter than I'll ever be. For me it's not about the criminality. It's about telling the truth to the American people. And I don't know why that -- just because this may not be a crime, let's say, these payments to these women, let's assume it's not a crime, why is lying about it OK?"

Kremer responded by saying that Trump claimed he had nothing to do with it.

"How do you know he's lying?" she asked.

"Because I have his voice on tape," Cuomo shot back.

"You don't know that," she tried to claim.

"I have his voice on tape saying that he knows about it and directing the action," Cuomo said.

"Was it his voice on tape?" Kremer asked, looking like a deer in headlights.

"Yep," Cuomo replied.

"OK. Well," Kremer struggled before pivoting to somehow blame Hillary Clinton. "Look, you know, I don't know what goes on with the president and his legal team. There are many meetings that go on a campaign in this administration that we don't have all the information for, but the problem here is that the one-sidedness of what CNN is trying to do, go after this president, and all the mainstream media, not just CNN, you are not talking about Hillary Clinton and the campaign finance--"

Cuomo cut her off to ask what Clinton has to do with Trump's payoffs to former lovers.

It devolved into absurdity from there.

Watch the video below: