‘I wonder what Pecker has to say about Giuliani’: Ex-FBI agent recounts crazy National Enquirer story involving Batboy and Elvis
Donald Trump (left), Ivanka Trump (center) and AMI CEO David Pecker (right). Image via Twitter.

The former assistant director for counterintelligence at the FBI recounted a hilarious personal story involving David Pecker during a Wednesday appearance on MSNBC's "The 11th Hour" with Brian Williams.

Pecker, a long-time associate of President Donald Trump, owns A.M.I. -- which publishes the supermarket tabloid National Enquirer and used to publish Weekly World News.

Earlier in the day, federal prosecutors revealed A.M.I. had entered into a nonprosecution agreement in return for cooperation with federal investigators.

"My history with A.M.I. and David Pecker goes back to the fact that I was the on-scene commander back in October of 2001 at the scene of the first anthrax murder in U.S. history, at A.M.I. headquarters, Boca Raton, Florida," former FBI agent Frank Figliuzzi revealed.

"We had a conversation with Mr. Pecker, because we had one shot to go into that building and get out what his most valuable possessions were and try to decontaminate them before we went in and did the whole crime scene," he explained. "So we said, 'Mr. Pecker, what is it you need us to bring out of that building that is the most valuable possession you could possibly think of?'"

Figliuzzi continued, "and he said, two things, 'I need you to take out the picture of Elvis in his coffin and I need you to remove the photo of Bat Boy.'"

The photo of Elvis Presley in his coffin is a famous National Enquirer exclusive. Bat Boy made multiple appearances on the cover of Weekly World News.

"Those were the two most important things in David Pecker's life that were in that building," Figliuzzi added.

Then he explained the connection with Rudy Giuliani, the president's defense lawyer.

"I'll bring up something that raises the question of another Trump attorney who might be just wondering tonight, and that is Rudy Giuliani," Figliuzzi said. "Because you know who David Pecker called to decontaminate his anthrax-filled building? Rudy Giuliani and a company called Bio-ONE [Solutions LLC]."

"So when you need toxic waste removed, you call Mr. Giuliani. That's way back, years ago, that that relationship existed," he continued.

"And I wonder what Mr. Pecker has to say and knows about Rudy Giuliani," Figliuzzi wondered.

"Just when you don't think this could get any more interesting," Williams noted. "Frank Figluizzi says the darndest things."