'A serial fabricator': Ex-CIA officer nails Trump for making up a story when he sees one he doesn't like
CNN counterintelligence analyst Phil Mudd. Image via screengrab.

On Tuesday, Former CIA officer ripped the president as a "serial fabricator" for adjusting facts to fit his opinions after senior intelligence officials contradicted with his views on foreign policy.

"President Trump repeatedly contradicted his own intelligence chiefs as they testified today to the Senate about the major threats facing the United States," CNN host Wolf Blitzer said during his Tuesday show.

Trump has asserted that ISIS is defeated and that Russia is not a threat to the U.S. despite the contradicting reports.

"What's your reaction?" Blitzer asked Mudd.

"This is pretty simple," Mudd said. "When the president sees a story he doesn't like, he makes up a story. If he were an informant, we would call him a serial fabricator."

Mudd then explained Trump's differing views from his top intelligence chiefs.

"The Intel guys said repeatedly, including after and during the elections, it's the Russians," Mudd said.

"You get off a plane from North Korea and you say, 'we're safer.' You don't have to be an Intel guy to say, 'have they destroyed a single missile or a single ounce of nuclear material?'" Mudd said.

He added, "The president goes on his first visit to Iraq and takes the generals. He could get a brief every day from the oval office. He has to go out to Iraq to have somebody say, 'actually, we're not destroying every single ISIS member in Syria. There are thousands left.'"

"The point is simple. If the narrative doesn't match the president's, who wants to say we're winning, he makes something up. It's not complicated."

Watch below via CNN.