Alabama Republican bizarrely attacks Sen. Kyrsten Sinema for wearing a dress to work: 'Improperly attired'
Jim Ziegler and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema

An Alabama state official tried to shame Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) for wearing a dress and boots on the U.S. Senate floor.

Jim Ziegler, the Republican state auditor, posted photos of the Arizona Democrat on a Facebook page identifying himself as an Alabama elected official and then on his personal account, reported

He captioned the photos: “What newly elected AZ democrat senator wore to work.”

Ziegler initially posted that Sinema “took the floor improperly attired," but he later deleted that direct comment on the senator's clothing.

Some of the GOP official's social media followers commented on Sinema, saying she was dressed like an exotic dancer or prostitute, but others bashed Ziegler for insulting the senator.

Ziegler also used the post to attack Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL), who can be partially seen in one of the photos.

“He represents these out-of-state senators instead of us, the people of Alabama,” Ziegler posted. “Can you see him? I am exploring running against him next year.”