Cohen adviser suggests the former Trump fixer fears retaliation from Russia
Michael Cohen (Photo: Screen capture)

A legal adviser to Michael Cohen suggested Friday said Donald Trump's former "fixer" fears overseas supporters of the president -- suggesting he may fear retaliation from a foreign power.

Attorney Lanny Davis told MSNBC's Chuck Todd that Cohen is concerned about his safety, building on reports that claimed the president's former attorney fears for his family amid attacks from the Oval Office.

"Mr. Trump, today, again called out [Cohen's] father-in-law and there is fear that Mr. Trump has supporters, either in this country or maybe abroad, that have a motivation to harm," Davis said.

Todd immediately singled out the attorney's word choice.

"You just said abroad -- that's not so subtle there," the host said. "Does he fear some sort of retribution from Russia?"

"No question that his family is fearful of anybody that [supports] Donald Trump," Davis said, adding that the president has repeatedly made reference to Cohen's father-in-law and claimed he should be investigated.

Later in the segment, the attorney slammed Trump for such attacks.

"Every Trump supporter watching this show, and I'm sure there are many, every Republican and Democratic member of Congress, knows that we all agree at a time of fantastically bad division in this country, there is one thing we all agree on," Davis said. "Family is out of bounds."

"There is only one person in the country, one president in our history, that would threaten family as a tactic to make fear of somebody he calls a rat for telling the truth," the lawyer continued, "and that's President Trump."

Republicans, he added, "should be holding him accountable."

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