Eric and Tiffany Trump are less culpable because they 'weren't as favored' by their dad: Trump biographer
Eric and Tiffany Trump watch their father debate Hillary Clinton in 2016. Image via AFP.

A Trump biographer on Friday responded to news that both Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. were heavily involved in a project to build a Trump Tower in Moscow -- and noted that there may be members of the family who are less implicated.

Pulitzer-winning reporter Michael D'Antonio told CNN's Brooke Baldwin that although Ivanka and Don Jr., the two most visible of the Trump children, are on the hook for the allegations made by BuzzFeed News last night, their siblings Eric and Tiffany are less so.

"The irony in all of this is that Eric Trump and Tiffany Trump are the two of the younger generation who may be outside of consideration for this problem because they weren’t as favored by the president," he said.

D'Antonio noted earlier in the interview that Ivanka's carefully-worded denial of the report is part of "a family tradition of speaking very carefully so that you can appear to deny knowledge of something without actually coming forth and saying, 'I absolutely had no contact.'"

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