'This is a five-alarm fire!' CNN's Dana Bash crushes GOP for shrugging off new Manafort revelations
CNN's Dana Bash -- screenshot

CNN's Dana Bash on Wednesday was shocked after she watched Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) brush off damning revelations about former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort sharing internal polling data with a suspected Russian operative.

During a discussion on the new information about Manafort's activities while running the Trump campaign in 2016, Bash said she had never heard of a presidential campaign chairman willingly handing over internal data to someone who allegedly has ties to Russian intelligence agencies.

"I heard Senator Lankford on with you last hour diminishing it... that actually surprised me," she said. "This is a five-alarm fire when it comes to national security and counterintelligence. A campaign chair -- whether he had power or not, that was his title -- of a major-party candidate to meet with somebody who is a known operative... to hand over internal polling data. There are so many questions that that raises, and none of the answers are good."

Former FBI agent Josh Campbell, meanwhile, agreed that it was strange to hear Lankford shrug when confronted with new information about Manafort and he said that no one should see this kind of activity as normal.

"The American people have to understand this is a major deal to have a president's campaign manager colluding... with a person that he knows is tied to a foreign intelligence service," he said. "And we have to look to history because whenever the president has been cornered on anything that's happened since he's taken office that would potentially cause him to run afoul of the law, what he's always said is, 'Well, people have done it before, it's not illegal.' If you look at campaigns in our lifetime, I doubt that any presidential campaign was conspiring with a foreign government!"

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