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Fox News’ Outnumbered slams ‘mystifying’ interviews by Trump’s lawyer: ‘Rudy Giuliani needs to get his story straight’



Over the weekend, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, gave several interviews in which he appeared to suggest that Trump directed his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress on his behalf.

Giuliani has since tried to walk back those statements, but has been getting roundly mocked for his efforts.

That even extended to Fox News on Tuesday, where a panel on Outnumbered slammed Giuliani’s “mystifying” efforts.


“The president obviously has a different mission for him. Far be it for me to understand what that is, but it is a little bit confusing given the back and forth on some of these things that I think would be a lot easier to explain if you just sort of got to the end of it first before going through all the machinations,” said Josh Holmes, former chief of staff to Mitch McConnell.

Giuliani appears to be “muddying the waters,” said co-host Melissa Francis.

“My only thought at this point is they are doing it on purpose to try and further confuse the situation,” said Trump-loving co-host Katie Pavlich. “Rudy Giuliani needs to get his story straight, I think. He’s very can contradictory and what he’s saying. It doesn’t help their case in the public eye, which is apparently what he was trying to do since he’s going out and doing these interviews.”

Democratic panelist Jessica Tarlov said she hopes Trump and Giuliani are trying to muddy the waters because the alternative is too dire.

“I’m not sure the strategy is to confuse us there,” she said. “That would make me feel better about what’s going on if there was some strategy to this.”


Watch below.

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WATCH: Trump wonders if he should start taking insulin



On Tuesday, at a press conference, President Donald Trump mused aloud whether he should start taking insulin.

"I don’t use insulin. Should I be? Huh? I never thought about it," he said.

"But I know a lot of people are very badly affected, right?" he added a second later. "Unbelievable."

Insulin is a crucial hormone the regulates blood sugar. People who are afflicted with Type 1 diabetes are incapable of producing it in their pancreas, and thus must administer it to themselves regularly through injections or pumps.

Watch below:

Trump muses about using insulin just for fun pic.twitter.com/PWvEhEcmTM

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‘Exonerated Five’ member warns of a ‘dangerous time’ after latest Central Park incident



On CNN Tuesday, Yusef Salaam, one of the members of the Exonerated Five, warned about the implications of recent racist incidents to the state of civil rights in America.

"I want to ask you, in the course of the last couple of days we've covered this story, we've covered the story of a man who died after police put him in a hold with a knee to the neck. Yesterday I spoke with an African-American journalist who covered the Kentucky governor being hung in effigy, with people doing it who didn't seem to understand why that was problematic," said anchor Brianna Keilar. "And I just wonder what that says to you, after all of these decades, about where the country is."

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SpaceX readies for blast-off with NASA astronauts aboard



Gray skies loomed over Florida's Atlantic coast Tuesday, just one day before two astronauts were set to blast off aboard a SpaceX capsule on the most dangerous and prestigious mission NASA has ever entrusted to a private company.

There was a 60 percent chance for favorable weather for Wednesday's flight, according to Tuesday's latest Cape Canaveral forecast.

US astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley have been in strict quarantine for two weeks ahead of their trip on the brand-new Crew Dragon capsule, which will be propelled by a Falcon 9 rocket.

Both the capsule and the rocket were manufactured by SpaceX, the start-up founded in 2002 by the then-thirty-something Elon Musk, a brilliant and brash Mars-obsessive who made his fortune with PayPal and also created the famous Tesla electric cars.

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