Fox News pundit warns Trump to end the shutdown 'now' -- or else get killed in 2020
President Donald Trump appears on 'Fox and Friends' (Screen cap).

Multiple polls have shown President Donald Trump's disapproval rating spiking since the start of the government shutdown, while his normally steady approval rating has noticeably slid.

Reacting to this, Fox News pundit Doug Schoen has penned a column urging the president to reopen the government or face almost surefire defeat in 2020.

Among other things, Schoen takes Trump to task for saying on camera last year that he would be "proud" to shut down the government unless he got money to fund his long-promised border wall. This, argues Schoen, left him no room to credibly blame Democrats for the shutdown.

"With most Americans blaming him for the continued government shutdown, the president’s power to negotiate grows weaker every day," writes Schoen, a Democrat who regularly goes on Fox News to bash his own party. "It is obvious now that President Trump’s action to shut down part of the government to receive funding for his border wall has backfired. For the sake of his presidency and the country, it is time to reopen the government."

Schoen goes on to warn Trump that his position will keep getting weaker the longer the shutdown lasts -- and will cripple his reelection campaign if it continues into the next year.

"For President Trump to have any chance at winning again in 2020, he will need to end the shutdown immediately and take whatever money the Democrats are now willing to provide," he writes. "By doing this, he can say that the shutdown has been a victory because border security has gotten more funding than it previously had."