GOP and Dems discovered that 'ignoring Trump' is best way forward: conservative columnist
Donald Trump speaks from the Oval Office (Photo: screen grab/CNN)

On Thursday, conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin said that both Democrats and Republicans have "perfected the art of ignoring" President Donald Trump.

When it comes to Trump's fight for a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border, Rubin said that Democrats have learned how to ignore Trump's "threats, non-facts, and efforts to sway the electorate."

Recently, Trump also rebuked global assessments from his intelligence chiefs and said that they should "go back to school."

Rubin then explained that one of the best ways to move the country forward is to ignore Trump altogether.

"Indeed, it’s fair to say the only hope for the GOP and the country is to ignore Trump entirely and govern as the first branch of government -- even on foreign policy, which is usually the province of the executive branch," she wrote.

She said that the majority of Republicans do not want to adapt Trump's way of thinking nor embrace his countless lies.

"Republicans are not prepared to adopt Trump’s lies and misconceptions of the world, nor listen to advisers such as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who insist on perpetuating them," she said.

"In sum, ignore the president on foreign and domestic policy, find areas of common agreement across the aisle and then put it on Trump’s desk. He’ll find a way to spin it as his own idea anyway," she said.

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