'This isn't just arrogance -- Manafort is protecting something bigger': National security analyst
Paul Manafort (Photo: Screen capture)

National security analyst Juliette Kayyem made a mysterious prediction during a discussion about the pages special counsel Robert Mueller released about Paul Manafort and his lies.

She began by saying that the timing of all of these things happening on the Donald Trump campaign in 2016 are finally beginning to unfold, and they've exposed two main things.

"One is the extent to which the Russia/Manafort/Trump campaign alliance, and you have to call it that at this stage was happening before the general election in a really meaningful way," she said. "The second we learned from the documents today is that it's happening once he is president."

She said that Manafort already knows that when he's talking to Mueller he's facing two lifetime sentences. Mueller's team has already proven they're several steps ahead of Manafort, yet for some reason, he continues to lie.

"So, the 'why' is: is it self-protection or is it something bigger?" she wondered. "And that, I have to assume, is what is underlining the redacted things. I don't think -- this isn't just arrogance that Manafort is lying. He is protecting something. And that -- what he is protecting, I think is the core of both the counterintelligence investigation as well as the criminal investigation."

She said that she doesn't know what he's protecting because, like the rest of the world, the documents are redacted for her as well. However, she and others in the national security space are "putting pieces" together.

She said she wouldn't speculate, but "I do want to say one thing: if you look at the connective tissue of what's going on, and especially what happened on Friday with the release about the counterintelligence investigation -- what you're starting to see is that the criminal investigations are just data points, and there is some connective tissue around all of this stuff, whether it's collusion or, you know, I tend to use the word the 'president is compromised' because of either family dealings or monetary dealings, but there is a connective tissue here."

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