Mattis' replacement gets an utterly brutal reception on social media: 'Exactly the face our enemy hoped for'

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump took a swipe at his former Defense Secretary James Mattis, saying that he'd failed to deliver results in Afghanistan.

"I think I would have been a good general, but who knows?” the President added.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon proceeded by swapping Mattis' picture with that of Patrick Shanahan, his successor, who many critics say is not as qualified for the post.

The Facebook post generated over 4K comments, many of which derided Shanahan.

"YOURE NOT MY REAL DAD," user Robert Howe Quinn posted.

"Toby from the office is now the secretary of defense. Wow, great," user Andy Moreno observed.

"I’m not gonna call him the SecDef, not even if there’s a fire," Fitzy Mess said.

A British soldier indicated losing trust in the US military. "As a British soldier been plenty of places with you guys and always had your backs.................. until I saw this guy.I'm sorry but my mum says we can't be friends any more," said Daz Terry.

Other users pointed out that a lot of his experience was in the private sector. "If I hear him say, “Well at Boeing, we do it this way.”, I am going to go to his house and crush all his model airplanes," said Michael Alger.

"He's an MIT graduate who was a mechanical engineer for Boeing, has 0 military experience. Might as well have Wolowitz from big bang theory..." said James Brown.

"Exactly the face our enemy hoped for," another user added.