MSNBC panel ridicules Fox's Jeanine Pirro for giving TV pep talk to Trump -- while dressed like she's 'going to a ball'
Jeannine Pirro -- Screenshot

The panelists on MSNBC's AM Joy had a great deal of fun on Sunday morning viewing clips of some of Donald Trump's biggest fans ripping into the president for reopening the government without getting funding for his wall. But they saved their most pungent mockery for Judge Jeanine Pirro for giving what appeared to be a televised pep talk to the president stung by criticism for publically caving to the Democrats.

Showing multiple clips of Fox News personalities belittling the president -- while also calling House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) the new leader of the government -- host Joy Reid focused on the upbeat spin Pirro tried to put on Trump's capitulation.

"She's probably Donald Trump's biggest fan," Reid began, before adding "And probably his most dressed up fan, always looking like she is going to a ball."

After showing the clip where Pirro praised the president, insisting, "He did not cave he made a tactical decision. A strategy [sic] decision to pick the ground to fight on, he chose to stop the fight today to fight another day and that day is February 14th. It is nothing but a hollow victory for the Democrats," the panel marveled at her spin.

"Okay, it sounds like a motivational speech given to Donald Trump, okay," Reid said to laughter. "It sounds like she's saying, 'C'mon, Mr. President, here are your talking points.' Do the people in right-wing media believe that?"

"I think Sean Hannity does," guest Eric Boehlert replied.

Watch the video below via MSNBC: