Former White House aide Cliff Sims' new book "Team of Vipers," which paints a withering portrait of what it's like to work in the Trump administration, has apparently caught President Donald Trump's attention.

White House sources tell Politico that Trump is "very pissed off" at Sims for writing his book, which is one of a number of scathing tell-alls that have depicted a White House in constant chaos largely due to the mercurial management style of the president himself.

"The president is sort of champing at the bit to tap this guy and tweet something to the effect of, 'I didn’t know who this guy was. He taped videos,'" one former White House official tells the publication.

However, other White House advisers have cautioned Trump against attacking Sims, as they say it will only give him more publicity and will also be "beneath" a man of Trump's stature.

Trump in the past has lashed out at former aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman, who wrote a tell-all book portraying the president as mentally unstable that was published last year.

However, another White House ally tells Politico that Trump keeps hiring people like Sims and Omarosa who have reputations for not being trustworthy.

"The president’s been warned about lots of hires that shouldn’t have happened, and he’s still hired them," the person said.