Rick Wilson has the last word on Trump being 'humiliated and shamed' by Pelosi: He was left 'without his pants'
Republican commentator Rick Wilson (Photo: Screen capture)

Appearing on MSNBC on Sunday afternoon, Republican strategist Rick Wilson was asked to sum up how President Donald Trump fared in his battle with the Democrats after he caved to their demand to temporarily re-open the government without getting a penny for his border wall.

According to Wilson, Trump walked away from Friday's Rose Garden address "humiliated."

"I think that the major loss for the president this week was that the fraud and the con of Donald Trump, that he is the master negotiator, that he's the king of the art of the deal. that he always wins when he sits down at the bargaining table was finally shattered" Wilson began.

"This is a guy who spent-- who threw our government and economy into chaos for 35 days and who insists, absolutely categorically that under no circumstances would he stop this shutdown unless he got $5.7 billion for his wall," he continued. "He walked out of the room with nothing, he didn't even have his pants. At the end of this negotiation, he had been humiliated and been shamed.

"He was knocked down hard he got spanked hard by Nancy Pelosi and it still hurts so much he can barely sit down," he said at the end of his rant.

Watch below: