Roger Stone probably tried to collude with Russia — but failed: Former protégé Sam Nunberg
Roger Stone and Sam Nunberg

Roger Stone's former protégé and fellow indictee Sam Nunberg said he believes his former mentor likely tried to collude with Russia on behalf of the Trump campaign — but probably didn't succeed.

MSNBC's Ari Melber asked Nunberg, a former Trump campaign aide who in March 2018 went on a frenzied media tour after being interviewed by special counsel Robert Mueller, if he thought Stone was "trying to collude" after his bombshell indictment earlier in the day.

"I think he was," the former Trump aide said. "I don't think he did."

Nunberg added: "I think he conspired against himself. Would he have [colluded]? Look, I can't speak for him. Maybe he would have. Once again, I don't believe that he did."

Melber again asked if the information contained in Stone's indictment led the onetime mentee to believe his mentor was trying to collude with Russia, and he responded affirmatively.

"I believe when you look at the indictments, yes," Nunberg replied. "We have gone from Russians, Russian military to campaign people. Now we have direct contact."

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