Rudy Giuliani accuses CNN's Tapper of 'hysteria' during meltdown over questions about Russia Trump Tower deal
=Jake Tapper/Rudy Giuliani -- screenshots

In an alternately contentious and confusing interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, Donald Trump's legal adviser, Rudy Giuliani, claimed that the president never spoke with his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, about his Trump Tower project congressional testimony -- only to moments later admit he has no idea what the two said to each other in private to "attorney/client privilege."

Giuliani snapped almost immediately when asked about Cohen, at one time accusing the State of the Union host of indulging in "hysteria" for asking questions about what occurred between Trump and Cohen.

Pressed over whether Trump was involved in a trying to get a hotel built in Russia, Giuliani claimed the president had nothing to do with the major development project, saying it was all Cohen's doing.

"Michael Cohen was in the middle of talking to Russians about a potential deal," Tapper pointed out.

"No, he wasn't," Giuliani shot back. "He wrote a nonbinding letter of intent and sent it to a general post office. He had a couple of discussions -- Michael Cohen did, not the president. It was the last thing on his [Trump's] mind because he was running for president. We're talking about 2016. You're not thinking about some proposal that, at best, it's three years down the line."

With Tapper attempting to get the lawyer to clarify what went on between Trump and Cohen, saying, "I want to find out the truth," Giuliani blew up.

"That's because you have a hysteria going on in the media that interprets everything against Donald Trump," Giuliani yelled.

"There's no hysteria here, sir," Tapper calmly replied.

"You all should be careful," Giuliani warned, adding the news about Trump was "disgusting."

You can watch the video below via CNN: