Rudy Giuliani thinks Mueller report will be 'horrific' -- and insiders say Trump may strike deal to resign: report
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on Fox News (screengrab)

Buried in a new Vanity Fair story about President Donald Trump's lack of exit strategy for his showdown over the proposed border wall, which aides fear will be his "personal Alamo," is another intriguing nugget.

While most of the country is focused on the shutdown staredown, special prosecutor Robert Mueller's investigation trundles on.

"The shutdown has pushed the Russia investigation out of the news cycle. But Trumpworld knows it hasn’t gone away," writes reporter Gabriel Sherman.

Trumpworld is preparing the worst.

"Rudy Giuliani recently told a friend that he expects Mueller’s report to be 'horrific,' a person briefed on the conversation said," the report says.

In this case, though, Trump does appear to have an exit strategy.

“You’re already hearing people speculate Trump could do a deal and resign,” Vanity Fair reports.

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