Stone indictment appears to point finger at Trump’s direct involvement in WikiLeaks dumps: CNN’s Toobin
Jeffery Toobin [Screencap from video]

Weighing in on special counsel Robert Mueller's 7-count indictment against Roger Stone, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin stated that the specific use of certain language in the filing seemed to point the finger at President Donald Trump's involvement directing Stone to break the law.

Speaking with hosts John Berman and Alisyn Camerota, the lawyer focused on what he called the "passive" choice of words that seems to hint that the person "directing" Stone was Trump.

Asked if he had read the indictment, Toobin stated his case.

"There is an extremely important use of the passive voice in that indictment," Toobin pointed out. "'Was directed.' Who directed Trump campaign officials? It sounds to me, and again, I only want to say it just sounds to me like it could be Donald Trump himself."

"Who else would direct campaign officials to be in touch with Stone?" he continued. "It is highly suggestive that candidate Trump himself told his officials to get in touch find out what's going on. Remember, of course, this is while he was campaigning saying, 'I love Wikileaks.' It's not like he thought WikiLeaks is the outlaw organization that his CIA director described it to be."

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