Trump-loving Drudge Report turns on president after learning Michael Cohen rigged online polls
Photo: By Evan El-Amin/Shutterstock

The Wall Street Journal reported an admission from former "fixer" Michael Cohen Thursday. According to Cohen, a bag of cash was delivered to a group that worked to rig online polls in favor of President Donald Trump. It was enough to drive the far-right Drudge Report into a fury.

Linking to the article, Drudge asked if Trump rigged their online polls.

Drudge report pissed about trump rigging polls

After the 2016 debate with other Republican primary contenders, Drudge held an online poll for their readers that showed Trump won by 64 percent. Ted Cruz only scored 18 percent and Marco Rubio got 13 percent.

"Trump has won the Drudge Report’s post debate [sic] poll numerous times since the first GOP primary debate last August," the right-wing site wrote Feb. 2016.

Trump even bragged about winning so many online polls on Twitter after his Sept. 2016 debate with Hillary Clinton.

Non-online polls, like the one done by Public Policy Polling, showed a stark contrast. According to those, Clinton won the debate 51 percent to Trump's 40 percent. In another poll by CNN/ORC, Clinton won to the tune of 62 percent to Trump's 27 percent.