Trump-loving Proud Boys are now Roger Stone's guardians against Robert Mueller's 'Deep State'
Roger Stone (Screen cap).

The Proud Boys, a right-wing organization whom the FBI has reportedly flagged for ties to white nationalism, have now taken on the task of defending Trump ally Roger Stone.

The Daily Beast reports that Stone over the past two years has "grown tighter with the violent ultra-nationalist group, hiring them as security and participating in the group’s videos -- even repeating its slogan."

Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio tells the Daily Beast that he wants believes in defending Stone because special counsel Robert Mueller has become a rogue prosecutor who is making up charges out of thin air.

"This whole investigation started with the Russia collusion thing," he says. "These charges today are just obstruction, nothing to do with that... I believe nothing’s gonna come of it. I believe some of it is manufactured."

Stone, meanwhile, has latched himself to the Proud Boys' cause and has declared himself a "chauvinist" for Western Civilization.

"Hi, I’m Roger Stone, I’m a Western chauvinist," Stone said in a video recorded last year. "I refuse to apologize for creating the modern world."

Despite this, however, Stone tells the Daily Beast that he is not a Proud Boy, even if he may sympathize with some of the group's goals.

"For the record I am not a member," he said. "If fact I would never belong to an organization that would have someone like me as a member (Groucho Marx)."