WATCH: Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi face off in a hilarious 'Deal or No Deal' game on SNL
President Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi play 'Deal or No Deal' in the Saturday Night Live opener from January 19, 2019/Screenshot

Saturday Night Live has been on hiatus since before President Donald Trump's shutdown showdown started.

SNL opened its first show of 2019 with a skit that found Trump playing Deal or No Deal over the re-opening of the government.

Kenan Thompson played show host Steve Harvey, taking Alec Baldwin's Trump character through negotiations with Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell and a Clemson football player.

"Earlier today you went on TV and you told the American people that you wanted to make a deal," the host said. "So we decided to do this in the only format you understand: a TV game show with women holding briefcases."

Pelosi, played by the always dead-on Kate McKinnon, offered Trump a billion "to say Nancy's my mommy," which Trump rejected.

"One billion, that's a lot of money," said the Harvey character.

"Yes, but it's not $5 billion and I need $5 billion because—it's the first random number I said," Trump answered.

Later in the skit, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez makes her SNL debut.

"Trump and the GOP are just terrified of me because I'm under 100 and I'm good at Instagram," she said.

In the end, Trump does strike a deal to end the government shutdown "and release the kids from cages."

Watch below.

sn from Martin Cizmar on Vimeo.