Fox News' Brit Hume cries bitter tears after Stacey Abrams calls out GOP racism: ‘You’d think it was 1963!’
Brit Hume and Stacey Abrams (Fox News)

Fox News anchors complained bitterly about Stacey Abrams and her rebuttal to President Donald Trump's State of the Union address.

Commentator Brit Hume said Abrams, who denounced voter suppression like her supporters encountered in Georgia and called for lower health care and more inclusive immigration, was a contrast to the president's "optimistic report" on current events, reported The Daily Beast.

"Quite (a) grim picture that Stacey Abrams painted of where Americans are and how they’re living,” Hume said. “You would think we were in the depths of the recession.”

"From what she seemed to be saying about race," Hume added, "you would think that it was 1963."

Abrams narrowly lost her gubernatorial race in November, and she blamed voter suppression and ballot rigging when she conceded to her Republican rival, Brian Kemp, who supervised the election as Georgia’s secretary of state.

Hume praised Abrams, who is considering a run for U.S. Senate, as a “person with a lot of presence” who “certainly speaks very ably and well,” but he then struck a grim tone of his own to downplay her chances to win.

“I just wonder how her message will resonate with people out there living with record low unemployment, even among a number of minority groups where unemployment tends to stay high,” Hume said. “So I think it was a nice try, but I have my doubts about how effective it was.”