Fox News' Chris Wallace mocks GOP for whining about investigations: ‘Elections have consequences'
Fox News host Chris Wallace (Screenshot)

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace on Friday mocked Republican lawmakers who bitterly complained about House Democrats investigating the Trump White House.

After watching Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) angrily rant about the Democrats holding "pointless" oversight hearings with acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, Wallace chuckled at the irony of Republicans being upset that Democrats were dragging White House officials before their committees to answer questions.

"I do find it kind of rich that Republicans are so outraged that there would be this kind of a hearing of the other party's president and administration," he said. "It's not like Republicans sat on their hands when Barack Obama was president. They investigated Benghazi, they investigated 'Fast and Furious,' they investigated the IRS."

Wallace then explained that the GOP should have expected nothing less from House Democrats after their party swept into the majority during the 2018 midterm elections.

"As Barack Obama famously said, 'Elections have consequences,'" he said. "When Republicans have oversight of a branch of Congress and they're investigating a Democratic president, they're going to make life difficult for them... that's the way it works."

Watch the video below.