GOP candidate slams his ‘arrogant’ and ‘judgmental’ son who warned him about breaking election laws in North Carolina
Republican Mark Harris speaking at a MAGA rally (screengrab)

Disgraced Republican congressional candidate Mark Harris on Thursday lobbed insults at his son, who testified on Wednesday that he had warned his father against hiring an operative known for conducting illegal ballot harvesting operations.

As reported by local news station WRAL, Harris told the North Carolina Board of Elections that he had refused to heed his son's warnings about hiring political operative McCrae Dowless because he was a "very judgmental" person who also "has a taste of arrogance."

However, Harris then conceded that his son "was right" in his pleas to not hire Dowless, which at the time he believed were just a result of his son "overreacting."

Harris’s son, John, testified this week that he had tried to advise his father against hiring Dowless because of his history of conducting legally questionable ballot collection schemes.

"The key thing that I am fairly certain they do that is illegal is that they collect the completed absentee ballots and mail them all at once," he wrote in an email to his father back in April 2017.

North Carolina's 9th congressional district has been in political turmoil ever since it was alleged that Dowless and his associates illegally collected absentee ballots from likely Democratic voters in an effort to sway the election to Harris.